Hello world!

I’ve intended to start a blog for some time but until recently lacked 1) a title and 2) a defined purpose, not wanting to just add to the noise of information that permeates the internet. I realized that a personal website eliminates the need for a blog title, and over the last several weeks, I’ve settled on why I want to blog.

I recently entered the PhD program for the Integrated Program in Quantitative Biology (iPQB) at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with my current focus in Bioinformatics. During our two-week bootcamp, a rigorous review of various topics ranging from structural biology to systems biology and bioinformatics, we talked a great deal about focus on outreach and science communication.

I have frequently found myself at the interface of discrete groups or communities, for example between users and developers or between the scientific community and faith communities. As I pursue a career in computational biology, a discipline still unknown to many outside of the sciences (and a chief cause for glazed eyes in my casual conversations), I intend to focus my efforts on interfacing between the computational biology community and various other communities.

In its current state, this goal is indeed a bit undefined. This blog is a crucial first step to refining this goal, as here I will experiment with various forms of communicating scientific research, methods, and other forms of knowledge in a way that will benefit other scientists as well as inform and, I hope, pique the interests of a general audience. Expect interactive visualizations, multimedia, and much more.

Since computational biology is, well, mathematical, computational, and biological, some posts may explore only a single one of these facets. Along the way, I will attempt to capture the experience of grad school at UCSF so that perhaps others like me will feel inspired to pursue a career in computational biology. So with that,

Hello world!